Weekday Masses
(Monday – Friday)
7:30 AM and 12:15 PM

Weekend Masses:
12:15 PM (Saturday)
5:30 PM (Saturday)
9:00 AM
11:00 AM
5:30 PM
7:30 PM

Holy Days
7:30 AM
12:15 PM
7:00 PM

Liturgy of the Hours

Recited on Weekdays
8:00 AM
5:00 PM
5:00 PM


Weekdays at 11:55 AM


Weekdays 11:45 – 12:10
Saturday 11:45 – 12:10 / 5:00 – 5:30

Novena Prayers

St. Anne – Tuesday after the 12:15 Mass
St. Peter Julian Eymard – Thursday after the 12:15 Mass

Weekly Bulletin

Latest Bulletin

Stewardship Report

Checks: $ 3,711.00
Cash: $ 2,710.00
WeShare: $ 2,615.00
Total: $ 9,036.00

In general, our weekly giving has been going down. The result is that we are several payments behind on our monthly Archdiocesan tax of $30,000.

Once we start to slip it is very difficult to catch up. Our summer collections tend to be painfully low so we encourage you not to forget Saint Jean’s when you go away on weeks and vacations. We have a little less than $500,000 in savings. We try very hard not to dip in. Our goal is to collect a minimum of $10,000 a week.

Some financial information:

The rental of our facilities helps us cover the remainder of our expenses: payroll, heating, electric, gas, telephone, insurance, diocesan assessments and repairs but it’s not enough to enable us to put some money aside in any regular way.

Mass Intentions

FRIDAY, July 12
7:30 The Zocche Family
12:15 Blanca Lilia Perez Viuda De

12:15 Mathilda Scott
5:30 Josef Luciano Ayaso

SUNDAY, July 14
9:00 Alyson Lambrelli & Christian Lambrelli
11:00 Velez Family
5:30 Leopoldo & Micaela Vasquez
7:30 Peter Gaine

MONDAY, July 15
7:30 Vincent McDonnell
12:15 The Feeley Family

TUESDAY, July 16
7:30 For the Parishioners
12:15 For all enrolled In the Shrine of St. Anne

7:30 The Zocche Family
12:15 St. Anne’s Novena
7:30 St. Anne’s Novena

7:30 The Zocche Family
12:15 St. Anne’s Novena
7:30 St. Anne’s Novena

FRIDAY, July 19
7:30 Mara Brunetti Zocche
12:15 St. Anne’s Novena
7:30 St. Anne’s Novena

12:15 St. Anne’s Novena & Anointing of the Sick
5:30 Anthony & Martha Seiva
7:30 St. Anne’s Novena


It has been said that volunteering benefits the volunteer as much as the organization.

It makes one happy and provides a sense of purpose. Think about how you can give some time to St. Jean’s and give us a call (212)288- 5082 ext. 10 or e-mail We would certainly welcome your help in any number of ways.



12 Jul 2019 0 Comment John A. Kamas, SSS Pastor
Jesus, when asked by a “scholar of the Law,” what he must do to inherit eternal life, threw the question back into the scholar’s court. “What is...



Our Lady Of Peace Prayer Group
Please note that there will be no Prayer Meeting during the month of August.

Intercessory Prayer Group
Intercessory Prayer will continue to be held in the Church on Sundays of August from 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Music Vacation
All the masses during the month of August will have no music.

Sunday Coffees
We are not having our Sunday coffees after the 11:00 am Mass because of the maintenance taking place in the school during that time.

Everything will resume the weekend after Labor Day, September 7-8, 2019.

Senior Luncheon

The senior luncheon will be suspended during the month of August and will resume on Wednesday, September 4th at 1:00 PM.





We are in the tedious process of moving our church checking account from Capital One Bank to Chase Bank. This is not an easy endeavor. In fact, it will effect everyone in the parish, and all our donors. Here’s the issue we’re dealing with.

In a move to reduce risk in the current climate of cyber theft, all New York banks are required to register bank accounts in the name that appears on the institution’s certificate of incorporation. Ours dates back to 1883 and is written as Eglise St. Jean Baptiste, reflecting our 19th century French roots. There is a document called a DBA (Doing Business As) that would have covered all the names that are used to identify St. Jean’s. Unfortunately, the city no longer allows this for use by churches. In order to deposit donations, we must have checks that are made out to:

Eglise St. Jean Baptiste

Thank you for your cooperation.


We are pleased to offer a new book by our own Father Bernard Camire, S.S.S.

Praise God in His Holy Place

Psalms and Canticles of Scripture for Eucharistic Adoration

Adding the psalms to one’s prayer life is an enriching experience. They offer “the power to raise minds to God, to evoke in them holy and loving thoughts, to help them give thanks in time of favor, and to bring consolation and strength in adversity.”

The cover of the book shows King David strumming the harp while at prayer. There is a long and wellfounded tradition that David was a musician and a poet. In fact, at least seventy-three of our Bible’s one hundred and fifty psalms have been attributed to him. The psalms have been in use through the centuries among Jews and Christians alike. These ancient prayer-poems reflect every imaginable life situation in which communities and individuals find themselves.

Not surprisingly, the Christian church has adopted the psalms as her official prayer.

210 pp. $15. Available in the Parish Office.


The Tyndale Bible generally refers to the body of biblical translations by William Tyndale (c. 1494–1536).
Tyndale’s Bible is credited with
being the first English translation to work directly from Hebrew and Greek texts. Furthermore, it was the first English biblical translation that was
mass-produced as a result of new advances in the art.

Join us for a morning of Bible reflection and fellowship as we explore the Gospel of John, Tuesdays beginning May 28 from 10-12 noon in the Eymard Room of the Great Hall. The fee is $30.

Weekend Bible Study comes to St. Jean Baptiste. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible an eight week series begins on Sunday June 2 from 12 noon- 2 pm join the Eymard Room of the Great Hall. Registration fee is $25.

To Register for the either class, contact Joan Prenty at 212-288-5082 ext. 30 or email her at

Our registered parishioners have already received letters from Cardinal Dolan and me announcing the Appeal which begins every January and concludes after Easter.

This year our parish goal has been set at $103,000. So far, 103 parishioners have responded to the Appeal, and have donated $41,105.00. Thank you so much

We encourage everyone to give something to the Appeal. The number of participants in the Appeal is more important than the amount we give. We love our parish and want to support our community first and foremost. At the same time, we’re part of a greater community. That’s why we have the Appeal each year – to support evangelical endeavors outside our parish by helping to fund parishes that are in financial trouble and to support the regional grade schools in the diocese.

If you haven’t given to the Appeal before, seriously consider filling out a registration card and making a donation to this year’s Appeal. Thank you for the powerful support you have given to the Parish of St. Jean Baptiste. Thank you in advance for your support of this year’s Cardinal’s Appeal.

— Fr. John


We’ve extended the scope of the project to include the replacement of the entire sidewalk of our property beginning at the south boundary of the church along Lexington Avenue, and continuing to the boundary of the Siena building near Third Avenue. The sidewalk at Lexington and the corner of 76th street is in especially poor condition and should have been part of the scope from the beginning.

Since we’ll be replacing the entire sidewalk we have the opportunity to embed heating coils in the new sidewalk. These will be heated by steam generated either from our present boilers or a new very small boiler. The ability to heat the sidewalk will cut down tremendously on labor costs during snowfalls and will also be a safety benefit.

We’ve learned recently that we need to replace our oil tank. This is opportune, actually, because we had decided to convert the church’s three boilers to a dual system of natural gas and oil . Since oil will be our back up, we can replace the old 3,000 gallon tank with a smaller 1,100 gallon tank.

Presently, we’re awaiting the final engineer’s proposal for the Department of Buildings. We’ve been told that it should be completed some time in June. No one can give us an estimate of how long the proposal will languish at the DOB.

The actual work should take between 6 to 8 weeks. At some point during the summer we should be able to determine if we can pull the project off this year, before the Winter arrives, or be forced to move it to the Spring of 2020.

If we need to put it off until next year we’ll have more time to fundraise. The good news is that over the Easter holidays our donations for the project have climbed to $429,070. When the new estimates come in from the engineers and contractors we’ll publish the revised goal.

This week vault donations amounted to: $ 0

We’re still encouraging donations.

Checks can be made out to St. Jean Baptiste. Just note that it’s for the Vault Project. I wish I could hug everyone in the parish. Thank you for your support.

Father John


St. Jean’s is one of the early benefactors of the program and continues to support the distribution of healthy, nourishing food to those in need.

Through the months of June and July, the food pantry is collecting ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise, canned beans, chips, pretzels, canned vegetables (corn, peas, etc.), and canned fruit. Please assist the work of the Pantry by leaving the donations at St. Joseph’s altar.


Our Toddler Play Group is in session in the Community Center from September through June.  The children enjoy their first “school” experience in our well-equipped and friendly play room.  For information call the Play Group Director Pauline Reenock, at 212-472-2853 Ext. 2


Religious Education classes are available for children preparing for First Holy Communion and Confirmation and their continuing religious education. For more information call Ms. Joan T. Prenty, Director of Religious Education, at 212-288-5082, ext 30, or email her at: Our Toddler Play Group is in session in the Community Center From September through June.

Religious Education for Children – REGISTER NOW
Wednesday 4-6 pm

Also available
*New Weekly Sunday 9:30 am Children’s Mass

*Monthly Family Mass

Adult and Children’s Choir

Bible Study for Adults

Spirituality and Social Justice

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults
(Sacramental Preparation for Teens and Adults)

Baptism Preparation

For further information and scheduling please call Joan T. Prenty, Director of Religious Education at 212-288-5082 ext. 30

*Note: Family and Children’s mass have concluded for the summer and will continue on September 8, 2019.




Please register at the parish house, 184 East 76th Street any day during office hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily or fill out a registration card found at the rear of the church.


To schedule a baptism or a marriage please contact the parish office to speak with Fr. John Kamas.


Please call the parish office to schedule a home visit with one of the priests. 212-288-5082 Ext. 10


Make an appointment with Joan Prenty, Director of Religious Education, through the Parish Office by calling 212-288-5082 ext 30.

Leave your contact information and she will get back to you to set up an appointment.


Ushers/greeters are needed for the Saturday and Sunday evening Masses. Please contact Joan Prenty director of St. Jean Baptiste Religious Education at 212-288-5082 ext. 30


Every Sunday, the Our Lady of Peace Prayer Group leads an hour of intercessory prayer from 12:30pm until 1:30pm in the church. Everyone is invited to join them.

We ask all parishioners to submit the names of friends or relatives who need prayers for whatever reason. You may bring your intentions to the group personally on Sunday, or leave them with the parish receptionist who will pass them on to the group. Praying for each other is a powerful ministry.

Please consider joining the group for the prayer. But also remember to bring your intentions to them or to the rectory office.

You can also e-mail the intentions to:


The Our Lady of Peace Prayer group meets every Sunday from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM in the Wave Café of the High School, 173 E 75th Street. You may enter through the ramp of 76th Street at the East end of the rectory building. All are welcome!


Following the 11:00AM Mass each Sunday we invite everyone in the church to gather for coffee, juices, bagels and fellowship in the High School Auditorium. Enter the Auditorium through the large doors behind the organ area. We look forward to having you join us.


All are welcome at the Senior Luncheons which take place every Wednesday at 1:00 PM in the Great Hall of the Community Center. Donation: $3.00.