One of Marguerites’s dreams in coming to the New World was to educate children. Achieving this goal led her on a long and circuitous journey, one that was filled with surprises, challenges, and contradictions, a journey that enabled her to find God in astonishing places and circumstances. As a teacher, I feel that I am on a similar journey, hoping to empower others to learn, to grow, and to achieve their dreams.

Currently I am teaching English and Life Skills at an educational center for immigrant women. The primary goal of these women is to learn English so that they can provide a better life for their families.

When I began this ministry, I did not realize all the burdens these women carry — fear, loneliness, poverty, family problems, a history of abuse, lack of basic educational skills . . . and the list goes on. Tucked into my role as teacher, there are so many opportunities for being a good listener, an encourager, a spiritual guide, a social worker, a marriage counselor, one who empowers, and so on.  Aren’t these the things that Marguerite did? I believe that Marguerite took what each day offered, whether it fit into her original plan or not, and gave it her best. She trusted in God and wonderful things happened. I believe that this is what God asked of Marguerite and what he is asking of you and me each day of our lives. I hope that in this spirit, I can wake each morning wondering what surprises God has in store for me, be open to a few changes in my plans, and respond from a heart filled with love.