We’re underway! We’ve signed contracts with PASCOM SOUND to conclude the upgrading of the sound system in the church. This involves a great deal of digital programing, and the installation of two major speakers (one is 15 feet long and the other 7 feet), and replacing and repositioning the present speakers in the church. This has a price tag of $59,985. We ‘re budgeting an additional $10,000 for electrical work.

The school auditorium is getting a completely new system.  We’ve budgeted $75,OOO for the sound system and electrical work.  Both the church and the auditorium are daunting projects because of the amount of reverberation in both spaces. The church has the additional challenge of the many columns that interfere with the streaming of direct sound. To address that issue, we’re going to add new speakers on the columns.

We don’t have a date for the installation work yet. We’ve given a down payment of $40,000 to purchase the speakers from the manufacturer.

A sidewalk bridge has been erected along 76th street. Over the next few weeks we’ll be scaffolding the dome in preparation for some stone repair at the base of the cooper roof, and the recaulking, painting and sealing of the 12 stained glass windows.  The construction of the scaffold will take about a month, the window and stonework about 6 weeks, and another month to take down the scaffold. (That’s if everything goes as planned.  Enough said!) The down payment for the scaffolding was $100,000 with another $26,000 to be paid at the conclusion of the job. The window repair and restoration was estimated at $60,000. The stone work can’t be estimated until the stone is inspected after the scaffold has been erected.

Finally, FELIX CHAVEZ, INC. is currently working in the vestibule of the church repainting parts of the walls that have been damaged over the years. The company is also restoring the exterior doors that aren’t in good shape. They suffer from extensive exposure to rain and snow. This is a $25,000 project.

We thank everyone who donated to the 2016-17 RENEWAND REBUILD CAMPAIGN that the diocese initiated. We’re presently waiting for the first check from the diocese, about $100,000. Concerned and generous parishioners give regularly for the maintenance of the church building. We managed to squirrel away $179,000 outside the RENEW AND REBUILD CAMPAIGN for restoration maintenance. We’re using this money to jumpstart the present projects. Thank you for your stewardship and dedication to the maintenance of this architectural gem and monument to the Catholic faith.