On the occasion of Mission Sunday I proposed the establishment of a MISSION SOCIETY here at St. Jean’s. Each year we take up several collections to help support the evangelization efforts of the Church throughout the world. We have a collection for the Propagation of the Faith, for World Mission Sunday and for the Missions of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament.

This is all well and good. However, our giving tends to be distant and unattached. I would like to partner with the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament
in India. We have vibrant communities there and many vocations. Our greatest challenge there is the support of our seminarians. Believe it or not, we sometimes have to turn young men away because we cannot cover the costs for their theological education.

Presently, our Indian Province has ninety in formation. This is wonderful and cause for rejoicing, but also a tremendous financial challenge. The purpose of the MISSION SOCIETY would be, first of all, to learn about the work of the Order and its particular mission to India. Secondly, the Society would have the task to stimulate giving throughout the year for the specific purpose of supporting the seminarians’ education. We could learn about the young men that we are assisting, and individually follow them through their formation years. Perhaps we would even be able to invite a few of them to St. Jean’s to speak with the Society and the parish at large.

If you are moved to become one of the founders of the MISSION SOCIETY please leave your name and telephone number at the rectory. We can then find a time to meet and discuss the project, and the next steps we are to take. This can be a great mission for our parish community. It can also be a blessing for our community.
Thank you. Fr. John.