At the celebration of our First Communion two weeks ago, I suggested that the children begin to practice a simple spiritual exercise every day. It seems that the adults who were at the Mass immediately warmed up to the idea. So I thought I’d share it with the entire parish.

This is the two-part exercise:

  1. Before going to bed take a moment to review your day. Ask yourself, “How could I have loved better today?” Go over the situations that challenged your love, and note your responses. What could you have done differently?
  2. When you wake up the next morning, say a simple prayer: “Dear God, I’m going to try to do my best to love today. Please support me with your love.” That’s it – a review of my day before I go to bed, and a commitment to love as I begin my day. This daily exercise helps to keep Christ’s love moving in and through my life. It also permits Christ’s love to touch the lives of others. It’s a simple way of taking Jesus’ command to heart. “Love one another as I have loved you.”