2018 Children’s Pageant

Piano Introduction: William Bousquette. Narrators: Michaelangelo Windley, Grace Lorch, Luke Papadakis, Ben Braunmiller, Stephen Papadakis, Daniel Trotter, Nico Warren, Christopher Papadakis.  RESPONSORIALS: Jean-Luc Harfouch, Cristiaan Fitzsimons.  ACTORS: Chloe Xuerub, Silas Warren, Emmi Chaurd, Peter Owen, Ben Kearney, Tristan O’Connor, Quinlan O’Connor, Jorge Hernandez, Adrian Hernandez, Armand Harfouche, Clelia Finegan Manzoni, Sienna Meehan, Alvaro Hernandez, Zoey Chaurd, Luke Varenne, Camila Sierra, Sebastian Windley, Christine Lorch, Summer Windley, Nina O’Dwyer, Evelyn O’Dwyer.

Thank You to our Family Christmas Team

It takes a lot of behind scenes effort to enact this heartwarming story of the Nativity.  It could not happen without the love and support of the families who helped with the costumes, chaperoned and brought food.  We are especially grateful to Jill Bowers, Chair of the Family Life Committee, for organizing all of the busy work involved with mounting the production.  Her enthusiastic team of helpers included Patricia Papadakis, Barbara O’Dwyer Lopez, Music Director, Richard Owen, PJ Bowers and Father John Kamas.