Liturgy & Sacraments

The approach for the celebration of the Eucharist at St. Jean’s is drawn from the spirituality of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament as found in number 25 of our Rule of Life.

The celebration of the Eucharist joyfully proclaims the marvels God has accomplished in our history. Each time we celebrate the Memorial of Christ’s Passover we enter into the work of salvation. Through sharing in his body and blood we are progressively wrenched from the forces of evil. The Lord reveals to us the presence of sin in our selfishness, in our apathy or complicity in injustice, while drawing us toward a new life. In this same movement we offer to the Father our own lives along with the hopes and suffering of all those with whom we are working to build a society based on justice and love.

Daily Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament has been part and parcel of the Church of St. Jean Baptiste since the arrival of the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament in 1900. Number 31 of its Rule of Life explains why prayer before the Eucharist is so much a part of its spirituality:

By drawing our attention to the signs of the Sacrament, exposition of the Holy Eucharist calls to mind the celebration of the Memorial of the Lord. It invites us to recognize and adore the presence of Christ in the gift of his body given up for us, and his blood poured out for a new covenant. Thus exposition facilitates our communion with Christ who offers himself to us as the Bread of Life, nourishment shared for the community.

We believe there is power in prayer, and so we invite our neighbors and friends to take advantage of the variety of prayer forms we celebrate at St. Jean Baptiste.

Nocturnal Adoration is conducted every First Friday of the month in the church. It begins with the celebration of the Eucharist at 5:30 pm and continues with adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. It concludes with the service of Vespers beginning at 8:30 pm.