Luke’s account of the transfiguration is my favorite for two reasons. He told us what Jesus was talking about with Moses and Elijah: “his exodus and what he was going to accomplish in Jerusalem.” Luke also told us that “Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep, but becoming fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him.” There’s a tremendous message here for us to ponder.

First. Jesus was in conversation with Moses, the powerful leader who led the people of Israel to the Promised Land, and Elijah, Israel’s greatest prophet who battled to assure Israel’s purity of faith. Maybe another way of saying this is that Jesus, Moses and Elijah were in communion – a harmony of mission. Moses and Elijah guided Israel to the very door of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus would soon be entering the Paschal Mystery – his personal Passover from life to death to resurrection – his exodus. That journey would throw open the door The Pastor’s Reflections 2 of redemption not only for Israel, but for the entire world, and for all time.

Second. Luke told us that the disciples, “becoming fully awake, saw his glory.” The disciples represent the Jewish people, tired and disheartened from their 2000 year faith journey of longing for redemption. Jesus’ transfiguration is the moment of their awakening, the moment the hope they had carried for so long became reality. They saw Jesus in glory! In that moment they saw heaven and earth united.

Peter wanted to erect tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah. How silly! Soon, very soon, Jesus will make the proclamation: “Have faith in me. In my Father’s house there are many dwelling places.” In this wonderful moment, Jesus opened the door to the Kingdom, and they saw the glory!


Holy Spirit, wake up my heart!
Shake me. Open my eyes
to the glory of Jesus.
I believe in him, but I need more.
I want to see him walking with me,
working through me. I
want to see his dazzling light!